Move Banking out of the Branch

with a mobile centric model

Banking customers are changing their banking behaviours and shifting away from the traditional branch.  Enabled by technology, customers now demand to perform simple functions like checking balances, viewing transaction history, transferring funds and paying bills from their mobile handset.  They are banking whenever and wherever it suits them.

Banks must act with a rapid and robust response.  They need to embrace these trends and quickly bring to market a mobile banking app that will cater for evolving customer behaviours.  A mobile banking strategy will help to sustain and grow business and deliver significant benefits – remain relevant to the customer, increasing loyalty, drive engagement levels, cross-sell opportunities and enjoy greater cost efficiencies than an in-branch environment.

Deliver your mobile banking strategy with YB Mobile.  A feature rich, simple to use banking app that will help your bank drive high levels of customer adoption and engagement with the rising population of digital natives.  YB Mobile is developed by CR2.  Our retail banking services are trusted by over 100 leading banks in emerging and developing markets today.  We understand the needs unique to your market.

Enjoy the Benefits of Mobile Banking

Increase Customer Adoption with a compact banking app, packed with features.

High customer engagement on your mobile app delivers significant benefits:

Remain relevant to changing customer banking behaviours

Increased customer loyalty

Drive engagement levels higher than a branch environment

Cross-sell and promote other products

Reduced cost of transaction than within an in-branch environment

New customer acquisition without needing a branch

Customer onboarding is faster, simpler and more cost effective

Accelerate your Mobile Banking journey with YB Mobile

Instant access to account balance, payments and transfers for all accounts held, a rich payment centre to manage beneficiaries and make payments, as well as nearest ATM locator and many more features, all within a secure customer banking environment will drive customer adoption and engagement.

Great Customer Experience

YB Mobile banking app was designed by world leading UX experts who lead the field in understanding and designing mobile banking apps. A simple user journey and beautiful visual experience is critical for attracting, engaging and retaining customers in your market.

Rapid Time to Market

Our out of the box mobile banking app enables rapid delivery timeframes. YB Mobile can be live in your market within a few months from contract.

Simple pricing model with Zero Capex

Avoid expensive upfront licencing fees with a single monthly subscription fee.  YB Mobile offers a monthly subscription fee that bundles all costs into a single fee, allowing you to pay as you grow, a more affordable approach to deliver a first class mobile banking app.

Lower Risk

With a defined set of integration points, YB Mobile allows a more uncomplicated and streamlined project delivery and integration, reducing your exposure to risk and getting your app in-market faster.

Trusted and Experienced

YB Mobile is developed by CR2, the most experienced vendor in the world of banking. We are entrusted by over 100 leading banks in developing and emerging markets to deliver of a range of retail banking services to millions of customers every day.

Secure Mobile Banking

Security features include two-factor authentication for payments, biometrics for login, automatic inactivity timeouts, jailbreak detection and secure communications.

Deliver a great mobile banking experience, fast.

Increase Customer Adoption with a compact banking app, packed with features that is simple to use.

The level of urgency is high. With many emerging and developing markets experiencing rapid population growth and a shift to a younger consumer, the growth in the desire for digital banking is fast paced. Banks must keep up to take advantage of this opportunity and it is possible with YB Mobile.

Simple Pay As You Grow Pricing Model

  • Avoid expensive upfront licencing fees
  • Enjoy a pay as you grow, more affordable model
  • YB Mobile is based on a single monthly subscription fee that bundles all costs
  • Monthly subscription fee is based on usage